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Are you just starting your business and don’t want to commit to the cost of your own online shop? Maybe you are starting small with a small number of products and don’t feel you have enough to justify a full online shop?
Why not try our free Daventry Shop Window or Daventry Collections three-month trial? – Yes three months!!
Daventry Shop Window – we will host three of your products on our main product site, without the need for you to have your own Online shop. 
Daventry Collections – We will host three of your products under a special category. For example, our Daventry Collections – Gallery hosts all Arts and Crafts products. 
Under both options, you will have your own link for each product that you can share on other platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc).

For the duration of the trial, we will not charge for hosting your products, however, the normal payment transactions fees will apply. 

Please use the Contact Us section on the About Us page or email Hello@DaventryHighStreet.co.uk

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