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Take 5 with Elliott from Collective 13 Clothing

Today we chat to Elliott, owner of Collective 13 Clothing.

What was your background before opening Collective 13 Clothing?

I was a sales rep for various clothing brands, travelling across the UK & Ireland and working with some of the best independent clothing stores.

What inspired you to open Collective 13 Clothing?

I worked in Clues Menswear in Northampton for 10 years which really inspired me to curate own concept store. Daventry has been crying out for a quality menswear store, so I waited for the right time to open.

What are business plans for the future?

“To potentially open another store – ideally with women’s wear”

What do you do in your spare time?

Being at the gym and training MMA. I train at BST Northampton learning a martial art call JKD-Kali Concepts

Tell us one thing people might not know about you

I train for GB in a full contact sport called Escrima (stick fighting). I am a former World Champion of the sport.

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