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Become a Councillor


Daventry Town Council is looking for people who are capable, energetic and engaged – from all backgrounds and experiences to reflect all our local communities within Daventry, to apply as Councillors.

If you are passionate about the community you live in and want to make the Town a better place for everyone to live and work in, being a councillor is how you can make that difference.

So if you…

  • Want to do something positive for your community
  • Can think, listen and act locally
  • Want to make a difference

This could be the role for you!

It is an extremely rewarding position to represent your local community. All councils are led by elected councillors who help set out the towns vision and direction for the future. Town councillors give their time freely and focus on the following:

1. Getting involved locally: Councillors have responsibilities towards their residents and community, their experience and expertise, helps shape and develop the Town to make it a better place for everyone to live and work

2. Decision-making: Councillors set the annual budget, and then, by attending meetings and committees with other elected members (these are currently via Zoom during the current covid-19 pandemic), decide where money should be spent, what services should be delivered and what policies should be implemented.

3. Monitoring: Councillors make sure that their decisions lead to efficient and effective services by keeping a watchful eye on the Town, identifying its needs and opportunities.

Daventry is split into 4 wards – North, Central, East and West. Although the position is unpaid, it is so rewarding in so many ways.

To find out more take a look at How to be Elected as a Town Councillor 2021

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